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Should I leave NG?

Posted by KhaosKitsune617 - 2 weeks ago

This is different from another post about me leaving NG. The earlier one was about wanting to use Tiktok and Twixter. This one is about leaving it but remaining only on my other sites. I may act very dramatic. I am not guilt tripping, I just have problems with exagerrating some stuff.

I feel like I should leave NG and confine myself to Discord and my blog. I feel like I am not supposed to be here in NG due to the drama it has and the community. I feel like the community doesn't deserve me because I feel like I have caused a massive curse that caused the community to be filled with shitty people. I feel like if NG has such shitty people, I am disrespecting the people who were hurt by NG. I also have been feeling like me staying away from drama and helping people is just for "hippies" and "idiots." Any help?




Kit I don’t want you to leave Newgrounds! You are such an amazing artist dude and you were a great friend to me and many other people on here. You were such a great addition to our lives and it would suck with you here! Please stay Kit we still love and want you here Kit!

Wait, what drama? You didn't cause anything bad at all.

Its the drama that appears on NG every month or two. I feel like I'm not suitied to NG due to it being based somewhat on drama.

@KhaosKitsune617 If you need to take a break, that's fine. But like you said to me, just don't interact with fandoms if they upset you badly.

Avoiding the drama is not a "hippy" thing, it's a health thing. If the drama is that bad that you have issues from it, then just avoid it all together. You do you and ignore the hate, just enjoy yourself and what you do.

Kit. Please don't leave. I mean take a look at the best things you made here. You've come so far and done a good job on this platform. And besides I still think Newgrounds is just a website with a bunch of people in there. If you hate drama, just ignore it even though you've done nothing mostly wrong.

Please don’t leave. You’re one of my best friends on this site. Not to mention you do have really good art as well. If you need to take a break or anything that’s understandable. Maybe you should just try and avoid the fandoms and other things.

I'm not going to stop you if the choice you make comes to that. What I will say is that you shouldn't attach the drama to Newgrounds itself.

It's still very much possible to distance yourself from some of the drama and still associate yourself with the website. It's easier said than done, that's granted and I still struggle with that sometimes, but it is possible.

Food for thought.

i know this is based on your decision but on my opinion you should not leave, newgrounds is nothing compared to other social medias like twitter when talking about drama, i'm pretty sure those drama stuff usually happens on the community posts in the forums, and to be honest it ain't that bad. newgrounds was created as a place to share your own creations to the internet, in whatever kind of media you can think about, and expecting to give a review about it, not mainly about forum stuff, unless you want to interact widely with other users. i don't think and will never think you have caused some butterfly effect on the community, you're like everyone else, assholes on the 'site just developed their own assholeness, you haven't influenced people like that. besides, you're one of the coolest people i have found on this website, seeing you go from this website wouldn't make me too happy honestly, in fact, i would be sad. please stay, thank you :)

yo khaoskitsune don't leave newgrounds, you're into oldschool, underground, indie and some obscure stuff, newgrounds is one of the best places for that, twitter and tik tok are way more pop places. Here we have more localized drama cuz people here are more lively, more active so someone may end up wrong somebody and then bad thing happen, it's normal, it can happen anywhere. Be strong and don't let external elements take out your peace like that

Don't leave NewGrounds, I really like your work.